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Trying to Slow the Money Leaks

September 14th, 2020 at 11:36 pm

Still robbing Peter to Paul since the purchase of our townhome. We closed on 9/4. Ten days later here is the other spending I've been doing:

$981 for removal of wall separating small formal living room with family room of townhome
$1,500 installation of carpeting in the family room of home we are selling
$2,500 painting of main living areas and kitchen cabinets of townhome
$200 deep cleaning for home we are selling

With half of the children off at college, our expenses are down significantly. I'm left with a picky eater who is very low maintenance and a vegan who mostly buys her own specialty foods (outside of fruits/veggies/vegan findings at Aldi).

Also trying to cash flow a trip to California next month and a side-excursion to Salt Lake City on our way home. Airfare is cheap, we have a place to stay, expenses should be low. I have a $100 gift card from the realtor who brokered the sale of the townhome, $35 from a forgotten check, and $52 from rolled change. RT airfare from Chicago to LAX is now at $85. Crazy.

Relishing the last days of Budget Lockdown's Last Stand.

Moving Forward and Paid Cash for a Townhome

September 8th, 2020 at 03:10 am

We closed on our townhome on Friday; it was rather anti-climactic with e-signatures on documents and wire transfers, but we had the keys in hand at 10:00 AM. Purchased it outright. Cost $260,000.

Our rental property is now rented with tenants who signed a two-year lease. Monthly income is $1,650 before expenses. Owned outright. Value of that property is $278,000.

Current home going on the market within the next week. We anticipate $160K after mortgage and fees are paid.

We also have three in college this year. We are blessed that the youngest two are both on full scholarships at Wheaton College and Milwaukee School of Engineering, and the oldest is employed and able to pay for her own tuition.

Our money and budget is totally whacked with all that is going on right now, but its Budget Lockdown's Last Stand and smooth sailing is ahead.

Looking forward to being able to budget and make progress on some goals once its all simple.