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Easing Into Financial Security

April 24th, 2021 at 12:51 am

We are almost one month post sale of our previous home.  I achieved the monthly goals of

1) $1,000 to 401K

2) $1,500 to Vanguard

3) $1,650 to Chase Savings

I also earned a $200 bonus from opening a checking account at Chase - I transferred that to my vacation fund over at PNC - so that's now $1,200 (waiting on a $650 refund from Disney).  Our May fixed bills (utilities/insurance/HOA) will be paid in full from the 4/30 paycheck.  Our living expenses have remained low for April, so I have money left in each budget category.  

My girls are on the West Coast for a few months; older daughter signed with a talent agency in Utah and is branching out to acting (she's been in the Chicago arena and done American Greed, Empire, Chicago PD, and Chicago Med.)  The living expenses are lower with half of the kids gone.  I expect our travel expenses to increase since I was just there for almost two weeks and plan on going back after the school year ends (I sub in the schools and in our area the kids have been back since January).  

Very odd not to be stressing about things.  I can get used to this. Smile


April Finanical Snapshot and General Goals

April 10th, 2021 at 01:15 am

It is very nice to live life without the mortgage monkey on our backs.  We closed on the house on March 24th and it took a week everything to be moved around.  I repaid the kids and deposited their funds back into their Vanguards.  My parents lent us money to do repairs and cover unexpected expenses, so they are paid back.  I upped the 401K contribution to 11% for SO.  I deposited the rest into the money market and need to meet with a finanical advisor on how to allocate, etc.

We do have an EF at $15,000 at a local bank.  I did put $500 into each of our individual checking accounts for whatever: my spenders can spend and my savers can save.  I was also rear-ended and ended up with $2,100 settlement which I put into a vacation fund.  I also have $10,000 for upgrades to the new townhome; so far we only plan on spending to carpet the family room first.  

Based on the new budget for April, here are the goals and accomplished so far after 4/2

Save $1,000 to 401(k) - $500/$1000 (Expected to complete 4/16)

Save $1,500 to Vanguard - $750/$1,500 (Expected to complete 4/16)

Save $1,650 to Chase Account - $0/$1,650 (Rent expected 4/15)