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Closing Date: Pending

February 21st, 2021 at 03:38 pm

4th Offer on Previous Primary Residence was a success.  Inspection and appraisal were uneventful and sometime tomorrow we will know the closing date.  I am so thankful that we are going to have the mortgage monkey off of our backs. 

I can now start working on the new budget for April 2021 (Reboot for us will be Quarter 2!).  We will be able to save at least $3,000.00 a month before my pay as a sub is included.

Since we are dwindling down with cash poor and paycheck to paycheck existence, it's rather an odd feeling.  There was an unexpected upcoming trip for our oldest; she is off to Miami for work and her father and sister are joining her.  Airfare is thankfully inexpensive, hotel prices should be manageable, and the worst expense is the fee for driving a rental car from one city to another.  I was fretting a bit about how to cash flow this; and then SO got notification that his company is still paying out a bonus this year.  

Looking forward to swimming upstream instead of treading water and staying in one place - although afloat is better than sinking.


One Step Closer and an Unplanned Trip

February 13th, 2021 at 09:40 pm

Today was the inspection at our house for sale; we signed a contract last Monday.  Our realtor updates us that the inspection went well and didn't appear to present any major issues that the potential buyers were concerned about.  We disclosed a chimney issue and provided estimates ($3.5K for the rebuild) (last contract that fell through might have been from the fact that our realtor provided an incomplete disclosure - I am not thrilled with her and won't recommend, but am trying to only entertain the positives of situations).  So I am hoping that we are one step closer to the sale of the property.  We are looking to close around March 25th.

Once the sale of the house is complete, we will be mortgage free.  I am wondering if I should make automatic contributions to the 401K for SO at 10% or 15%.  

My daughter has to travel to FL in March for work.  SO is going to go with her.  I hadn't anticipated having to fund a trip while we are still cash poor and paycheck to paycheck.  Happily airfare to FL is affordable.  We'll have to factor in hotel/car rental/meals and DisneyWorld.   This trip is in 3 weeks.  So far I have $150 cash.  I am hoping to do the lowest spend possible this week (eat from pantry, limit any extraneous spending) and roll into payday the 19th with another $250-$300.   This may be the last time we'll have to stretch the dollars til they scream with the elimination of the mortgage and $9K in property tax), so I'm trying to see it as a challenge rather than a struggle.

I worked half-days this week with success; maybe COVID fatigue is finally diminishing, although there is still strangely no smell or taste at all.

February Check-In

February 9th, 2021 at 11:46 pm

Boy, the Midwest is in a cold snap and I don't like it too much.  This is after a week in Southern California with a daily temp in the high 60s/low to mid 70s.  Daily life is still no smell and no taste, though my energy is finally returning.  Seasonal Affective Disorder symptoms are manageable.  I've given up caffeine and the insomnia has lessened since I'm on a schedule and I am taking melatonin as needed.

Financially, it's still cash poor and paycheck-to-paycheck living.  But we're managing to make it work with prioritizing the bills and economic choice.  We did travel to Southern California (me and two kids, for one week for $850 all inclusive).  This was funded by Christmas gifts and diverting some of the regular budget funds.

The first contract fell through on our old house that is on the market; the second was what I considered to be a low-ball offer with a three month contingency (their home wasn't even listed); third offer was $335K and we did a take it or leave it offer at $367.5K but their max budget was $350.  [House is currently listed at $390K].  Fourth offer was $350K but we met at $370K with no contingency and 45 day close.  Contract was signed on Sunday, so here's hoping that it goes through to completion.  

That's about it for now.