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One Step Closer and an Unplanned Trip

February 13th, 2021 at 09:40 pm

Today was the inspection at our house for sale; we signed a contract last Monday.  Our realtor updates us that the inspection went well and didn't appear to present any major issues that the potential buyers were concerned about.  We disclosed a chimney issue and provided estimates ($3.5K for the rebuild) (last contract that fell through might have been from the fact that our realtor provided an incomplete disclosure - I am not thrilled with her and won't recommend, but am trying to only entertain the positives of situations).  So I am hoping that we are one step closer to the sale of the property.  We are looking to close around March 25th.

Once the sale of the house is complete, we will be mortgage free.  I am wondering if I should make automatic contributions to the 401K for SO at 10% or 15%.  

My daughter has to travel to FL in March for work.  SO is going to go with her.  I hadn't anticipated having to fund a trip while we are still cash poor and paycheck to paycheck.  Happily airfare to FL is affordable.  We'll have to factor in hotel/car rental/meals and DisneyWorld.   This trip is in 3 weeks.  So far I have $150 cash.  I am hoping to do the lowest spend possible this week (eat from pantry, limit any extraneous spending) and roll into payday the 19th with another $250-$300.   This may be the last time we'll have to stretch the dollars til they scream with the elimination of the mortgage and $9K in property tax), so I'm trying to see it as a challenge rather than a struggle.

I worked half-days this week with success; maybe COVID fatigue is finally diminishing, although there is still strangely no smell or taste at all.

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  1. rob62521 Says:

    Sure hope your Covid side effects go away. Glad the fatigue is starting to away.

    Good news on the house; hope the sale goes through with little to no trouble.

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