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It is what it is.

February 2nd, 2020 at 04:54 pm

Financially, we almost tanked in January.

There was an issue at my daughter's college last semester with the Financial Aid Office receiving the IRS transcript of our returns for FAFSA. They did receive it, but because it was late my daughter's MAP grant wasn't disbursed leaving an unexpected $1,600 balance due from Fall and she couldn't register for additional classes in January for Spring. My EF had $2,000. (This isn't an earth-shattering amount and what I paid took care of our balance due for Spring semester anyhow. I can't complain because she is virtually full-ride living on campus and our share is $3,200 per year).

So Good-bye $1,600 of our $2,000 liquid EF. Then there was the issue of the defunct furnace at my house.

Then up came the furnace issues. It's old and on its last legs. Thankfully my husband's close friend only charges up parts at cost. I spent $325 on a motor and another $178 on an additional part and $25 for a thermostat. We're keeping the house at 67 during the day and 63 at night hoping it makes it. We're using my parent's space heater. Ours died. Its rather depressing.

So good-bye balance of our small liquid EF and then take away a few additional $100s from the budget that's already squeezed and pinched and zero based.

And then there was no paycheck from my subbing in January since Christmas vacation and the pay delay. And the jobs available for January that I've worked aren't my cup of tea. I'm not very good with preschools in the developmental learning program. It is really more daycare and I'm sure that there is a benefit to the socialization, but again its not what I want to do. So while I've worked some, and I'll have a decent paycheck on 2/14 it will be a dry spell after that.

I'm off to California in two days. My SADD is really kicking me to the curb of life, living here in the Midwest where it seemed like an entire week without sunshine. That plus insomnia. And since it seems we're just in survivial mode, we're not doing what we need to do to get the house on the market. Once I return from CA, it must happen. There are endless small projects and some big ones, but it just needs to happen.

We had planned on moving into the rental property which is vacant. We moved some stuff over there. Then we thought that my inlaws might need to go in because of some health issues they have and the distance they live from us. That hasn't happened either. When I get home, I'll have to move to get it rented so we have some income coming in.

My husband was in a car accident in October and we didn't replace the vehicle, rather used the funds to pay the property taxes and toward some home repairs. This is such a First World problem and I hate to complain, but it would be nice to have another car again. Again, First World Complaint and I hate to even write that out, but it's honest and I'm even ashamed to admit. Some people rely on public transportation in horrid weather to get to their jobs. Again, feeling sorry for myself. Clearly no attitude of gratitude here.

The only upside is that there is no new debt and I've not touched the big EF that lives at Vanguard.

I'm able to feed my family whole food and am still staying away from convenience foods.

I was able to purchase my ticket to California round trip for $140 on Spirit with just me and one small carry on. My parents are already there so I won't need to rent a car. Also they are near a Traders Joes and Aldi's so we'll cook at home.

I am planning on doing the taxes as soon as I return, and I am expecting at least some sort of refund from Federal and State.

February has got to get me to a place of productiving and moving forward. Any advice when one is feeling sluggish and totally overwhelmed?

Thanks in advance, SA Friends.

4 Responses to “It is what it is.”

  1. GratefulSaver Says:

    Some sun will do wonders for your SAD and you'll come back home with more energy. You got this; just regroup and execute your plans. Happy travels.

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I hope your CA trip does a lot of good for your spirit.

  3. CB in the City Says:

    Do a little something for yourself that you've been putting off. My new bathroom hand towels did it for me!

  4. LifeBalance Says:

    Hey, be thankful you had the EF. As to knocking off the sluggishness: Do something nice for someone less fortunate than you. There's nothing that lifts the spirit and gets us off the pity-pot more effectively than that.

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