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Update: Covid and Stimulus

January 10th, 2021 at 07:44 pm

I am almost two weeks post diagnosis of Covid.  I am happy to say that my family has bounced back quicker than I did, and that my daughter with asthma didn't spiral badly out of control which was my greatest fear.  My cough is gone mostly and I am not only tired; the extreme fatigue tired symptoms lessened two or three days ago.  Finally today I was motivated enough to make a batch of chili and help pack up my son who is returning to his college campus.

Our stimulus was hijacked because of diffiuclties with TaxAct and the IRS.  It is claimed that the funds should be deposited into our checking account sometimes this week.  I am hopeful, as the primary residence is still on the market and we rejected a very low-ball offer.  I just need to trust that it will sell, be thankful that I have a small EF, and continue to cut corners where we can from the budget box.

My only goals this week are to drink 40 ounces of water a day, 4 NSDs, read daily, and try to get outside for a walk every day.  SADD is ususally kicking me to the curb by this time of the year, but I'm attributing the curb kicking was due to Covid.

That's it in my small corner of the world. 

2 Responses to “Update: Covid and Stimulus”

  1. terri77 Says:

    So glad to hear that you are feeling better!

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Glad you are all recovering. I think the weather, besides COVID has probably done a number on you. Hope you can bounce back and feel better.

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