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Reboot and Updates

June 26th, 2021 at 04:37 pm

We officially became mortgage free back in April.  It was immediate relief to get the mortgage monkey off of our backs after being house poor and paycheck to paycheck living for too many years.  I wish I could say that I immediate jumped into a different canoe and began paddling upstream toward financial responsibility, but that wasn't the case.

We didn't spend recklessly nor needlessly, I just failed to track and monitor the nitty gritty details.  We paid $1,800 to carpet our family room where our boys sleep.  I spent $500 on a matress and bed for youngest, $300 for desks for the boys, we spent $800 on needed car repairs and helped oldest daughter with $300 towards car repairs for her vehicle; club soccer was $750 for the spring season, and $600 miscellaneous travel (air fare to California for several of us and hotel for out of state soccer tournament).  I have also regularly contributed to the property taxes due in October.

However it was time to go back to tracking and having some goals for our money, so that officially started yesterday with SO's paycheck.  Put $525 to Living Expenses, $750 to Bills, $500 to Taxes, and remainder to Short Term Savings/Expenses.  My youngest son headed to California this week for a month with his oldest sister and was in need of some new clothing so I headed to Goodwill first and then the outlet mall next and spend within reason.

Our goal is to having all bills and some savings from SO's net paychecks with are every other week.  I'd like to invest the passive income from the rental property.  I'm also working summer school which is for one month but a regular paycheck (I usually sub) and I'm hoping to put those funds toward home upgrades and maintenance and travel.  I'm tracking out net worth which is currently at $671,000.

My goals for 6/25-7/8 is to track all spending and start getting quotes on new flooring for the main level of our townhome and new windows on the rental property just for planning purposes. 

Hoping to post here more regularly so I have a place to document this new phase of our financial journey.

3 Responses to “Reboot and Updates”

  1. Dido Says:

    Congrats on becoming mortgage-free! Don't beat yourself up for spending money on living--things like paying for needed car repairs or furniture or even occasional travel are just part of life, and now you're putting aside money ahead of time for those things that come up--sounds like you're doing great, and it must feel really good to be mortgage-free!

  2. CB in the City Says:

    I think it's natural to do some catch-up spending after you achieve a major goal like paying off your mortgage. I hope you're enjoying your new townhouse!

  3. rob62521 Says:

    Wonderful about being mortgage free! When we were, we continued making mortgage payments to ourselves and then when we got some money saved, invested it.

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